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The Time of the Slave Is Over – 2018

Personnel – Ernest Melton – Tenor Sax, Deandre Manning – Electric Bass, Brad Williams – Drums


   This album features A trio group that developed its synergy from five years of playing together in different groups, from jazz to afrobeat to R&B and so on. Deandre Manning, a well-traveled veteran bassist, is considered a first-call musician in his hometown of Kansas City, MO. His impeccable pocket and amazing improvisational abilities make him truly world class. Brad Williams, one of Kansas City’s best-kept secrets, is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. His extensive career as a musician and keen understanding of traditional rhythms make him approach the drumset in a way that stimulates the mind and the body. All of that mixed with the musings of Ernest Melton creates this unbelievably dynamic sonic experience. This is the groups very first project and there is definitely more to come.


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The Time of the Slave Is over

Alive at Weights and Measures – 2018

Personnel – Ernest Melton – Tenor Sax, Blair Bryant – Electric Bass, Zach B. Morrow – Drums, Christian Swan – Keyboards/ Piano


This EP features a quartet group with some of Kansas City’s best young musicians. Blair Bryant is an all-around musical prodigy with a long list of instruments under his belt. As for his bass abilities, it’s like hearing Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, and John Pattituci all at once, this man’s mind is full of music. Drummer Zach B. Morrow is extremely versatile and his jaw-dropping improvisations are an absolute spectacle to experience. Christian Swan is an up and coming monster of the piano.  He has an extensive knowledge of the history and sonic possibilities of the piano and never fails to display them in any musical situation. The energy of these 20-somethings rocks throughout the entire record, constantly reminding you that this music truly… is….”ALIVE”,

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