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”  a happy discovery of a promising future.”

“…a {  } musician with a burning desire to experience everything: pleasure is found in the act of playing.”

– QwestTV

“Like Sonny Rollins, the saxophonist maintains a strong rhythmic sensibility, even as his improvisations flow red-hot.”

“…..he testifies with apocalyptic fervor.”


” Melton,{   } floored me”.

– Plastic Sax

“…a widely respected tenor saxophonist and composer, …young and rising talent”

Johnson County Library

Bio (abbr)

Ernest Melton was born in Goldsboro, NC. He relocated to Kansas City, MO (his mother’s hometown) at age 10. He picked up the sax that same year when he was enrolled in Longfellow Academy. Bored with the classical curriculum of that institution. Ernest studied more contemporary genres of music and the guitar until the age of 14 when he joined his first jazz program through the American Jazz Museum. By then he was playing mostly tenor sax. He joined his jazz band at Lincoln High School and many other programs around Kansas City. Naturally excelling, he left school at age 16 to practice on his own.   

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Sample Videos

Ernest Melton Trio – Areas

Ernest Melton and Deandre Manning – PBS

Ernest Melton Trio – Jes ‘A Mess


Google Arts and Culture Interview

QwestTV – The Bold Groove of Ernest Melton

JAZIZZ Magazine – With ‘The Time of the Slave Is Over,’ Saxophonist Ernest Melton Overcomes His Own Challenges

Plastic Sax – Album Review: Ernest Melton- The Time of the Slave Is Over

Johnson County Library

Neon Jazz Live Interview

Notable Features

UBI Madness Under Bad Influence 2
Blair Bryant
Dolphin Suite Cerulean Blue
FoundationA True Story Based On….


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